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How can you be sure that your online ads reach real users? You cannot be ... Of course, if you are not using an ad verification tool.

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For digital ads to make an impact on consumers, they have to be seen. We help you reach consumers by making sure all ads have the opportunity to be viewed. By real people.

Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is defined as any deliberate activity that prevents ads from being served to human users. No matter the cause—illegal bot activity, historically fraudulent URLs, or specific page-level fraud—we’re here to protect you.

Brand safety

It’s important to put your message in the proper environment. We help you protect your brands—and your dollars—from unsafe, inappropriate, or incompatible content.


You work hard to increase sales, market share, and profits. We measure real-time media quality metrics over 500 billion times every day, while our award-winning data science team optimizes models, so you can fine-tune campaigns on the go and with confidence. With capabilities like real-time impression blocking, pre-bid targeting, and actionable data feeds, it’s easier than ever to exceed your expectations.


Make sure your ads
are seen by real people

In the fight against fraud, our team developed sophisticated tools and established a dedicated Threat Lab to makes sure ads are served by real publishers, shown to real people and are reaching the right target audiences — all to maximize ROI for both buyers and sellers. Unlike anyone else, we take a three-pronged approach to detection — behavioral and network analysis, browser and device analysis, and malware analysis with targeted reconnaissance. Across devices, environments, and creative formats. And we take it a step further by alerting partners to security risks.


Our technology detects everything!

It is very important for your ads to reach real users, but this alone is not enough. It is also very important that your ads are visible, published in the right sizes and on the right website. For this, many criteria must be followed at the same time.


For digital ads to make an impact, they have to be seen. Not just served. However, nearly half of all digital ads are not viewable. Make sure your ads have the opportunity to be seen by real people — wherever they are. That includes across screens and devices, using both display and video ads. And as digital advertising becomes more sophisticated, media buyers and sellers want to not only prove their ability to drive results, but they also want to transact on viewability — making it a customizable currency.


Ad fraud costs the industry $8.2 billion a year in the U.S. alone, according to the IAB. As advertising budgets keep shifting to digital, fraudsters have found ways to game the system and earn money by serving ads in ways that have no potential to be seen by a real person. Needless to say, this has a negative effect on the entire advertising community. We’re here to protect you and your dollars with efficacy and efficiency.


The Internet is home to many different types of content — educational, inspiring, entertaining to name a few. But not every web page should deliver your message. With the rise of fake news and brand safety issues making headlines, it’s more important than ever to ensure your advertising appears alongside content that is right for your brand. We’re here to protect your brand — and your dollars — from unnecessary risk.


There may be publishers for whom the brand does not want to appear. Thanks to our “black list” technology we have developed, you only specify the list of publishers that you do not want to broadcast and your ads will not be published on those websites. Moreover, you can constantly update this list dynamically.

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