We protect your online advertising investments, you focus on your business!

Increase your online advertising returns by measuring the real performance of your ads with Adnsafe!

Are your ads subject to ad fraud or are they actually visible to users?

There is only one way to find out!

56% of your ads are not visible to anyone!

Google published a study on the factors that affect ad viewability and presented some very interesting data in the report. %56.1 percent of impressions served on Google’s display advertising platforms, including DoubleClick, are not viewable by anyone.

Stop spending money on non-viewable ads and protect your ad investment from Ad Fraud!

In 2020, 35 Billion Dollars of investment stolen due to name fraud in the world!
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We are proud of serving to leading brands...

Türk Telekom uses the Adnsafe Ad Verification platform in all its digital campaigns.

All the services you need in one platform

With Adnsafe, the Ad Verification platform we have developed with our 15 years of digital advertising experience, you will be able to receive all reporting and ad serving services on a single platform.

You can report on your video and display banner campaigns according to international standards, you can get detailed reports of whether your ads are actually seen by users, how many seconds are left on the screen, what percentage of them are physically displayed and many more.

Our technology collects dozens of signals from each session and takes detailed analysis and fingerprinting at the network, device and software levels. Hundreds of algorithms are processed per impression to determine whether it is real or fake.

Adnsafe does not share your data with any person or institution, including third party companies. In this way, all the data obtained through your ads will only belong to you, and data security will be at the highest level.

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