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Like many other companies we use cookies to improve your experience and our Websites and Reporting Tools. Except to the extent explicit consent for the use of cookies and similar technologies may be required by applicable laws or regulations, continued use of our Websites and Reporting Tools will constitute implicit consent to Adnsafe use of such technologies. 

Cookies are small alphanumeric text files that are automatically assigned to visitors of a particular website or page. Cookies may be temporary and only reside on your browser or device during your visit, in which case they are called “session cookies,” or they may remain on your browser or device until you delete the cookie or it automatically expires, in which case they are called “persistent cookies”. Pixels are lines of code that sit within a webpage that are used to record information about a visit to that webpage. 

Adnsafe uses the following types of cookies:

If you have more questions about the cookies and other technologies used by Adnsafe, what Personal Information they receive and for what purposes you can contact us for more information.

The use of cookies is now standard for most websites. However, if you are uncomfortable with the use of cookies, you can manage and control them through your browser.

Type of cookiesPurpose of the cookies
Performance and Analytics CookiesThese types of cookies provide aggregated and individual information about how individuals interact with or use our Websites or Reporting Tools. The information collected allows us to optimize performance, improve efficiency and responsiveness, improve our Websites and Reporting Tools, enhance safety features and prevent fraud and illegal activity.
Authentication and Security CookiesThese types of cookies support log-ins in our Reporting Tools and allow us to enable faster and more secure access to our Reporting Tools. 

To find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers visit these pages:

If the browser you use is not listed here, you should be able to find this information on the browser developer’s website. Please be aware that any changes or preferences you set are only valid for the browser you set them on, if you are using different browsers or devices you will need to adjust your preferences on each individual browser or device.

Please note that by disabling the use of cookies on our site may prevent you from accessing or using some of our Websites’ or Reporting Tools’ features.

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