Easy integration in just a few minutes...

It only takes a few minutes for Adnsafe to integrate into your campaigns. Regardless of the brand and campaign size, we integrate easily and report your publications with instant data. Moreover, we do all this for you.

Our Integration Process

Preparation of creatives

Banners and video sets prepared to be used in the campaign are prepared by the creative agency by the brand.

Adserver definitions

Creatives are uploaded to the adserver for publication, and Javascript and Vast codes are generated from there.

ADSAFE integration

The generated ad codes are defined to the Adnsafe panel with just a few clicks.

start of broadcasts

Advertising codes defined in the Adnsafe panel are defined to the advertising spaces of the relevant publisher. In this way, Viewability and Ad fraud reporting can be done

As Adnsafe, we care about bringing a minimum workload to both the brand and the media planning agency as much as the service we provide.
For this reason, we carry out all operational processes related to Adnsafe ourselves.
Moreover, we offer you optimization suggestions and analyzes for each campaign separately.

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