Are they real users or bots who click on your ads?

How much of the clicks you collect in your campaigns are made by real users or how much do you pay per year for fake clicks? There is only one way to find out…

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Do you say it doesn't matter how much your ads appear in performance campaigns? Well, if we say that it is 100% effective in reporting the accuracy of clicks on your ads...

What is Viewable Click?

Clicks obtained from the banners that appear on the user’s screen are called Viewable Clicks.

If your ads are not showing, how can users click on them?

Are you sure that the visits to your site are actually generated by clicking on the ad images?

Most brands do not use impression codes in their performance campaigns to avoid adserver costs. Do you know how much you pay for fake clicks while saving on Adserver cost?

Adnsafe is the easiest way to create and publish video banners.