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Adnsafe, which is the product of the knowledge we have gained thanks to our over 15 years of internet advertising experience and dozens of advertising products we have developed so far, is the only local name verification platform serving in Turkey.

Our History

In the last 15 years, we are proud of producing and bringing to our industry many software such as outstream video ads, many display advertising models, and video player-video advertising infrastructure that we have provided to many publishers, which have been implemented and sold for the first time in Turkey.

Our Purpose

Our aim as Adnsafe; We think that it is to protect the digital advertising investments of brands and to ensure that they get maximum efficiency from every 1 TL they spend on digital advertisements. We believe that the most important way to do this is to reduce investments in invisible advertisements and to combat digital ad fraud.

Our Mission

As a stakeholder of internet advertising, our most important mission is to establish the trust and belief of brands in internet ads, to minimize wasteful advertising investments, and to increase the market share of internet advertising by increasing the quality of advertising.

Adnsafe is the easiest way to create and publish video banners.